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Messaging &
Content Strategy

Although movies and visual elements are a popular way to market businesses, there’s an important phrase we should all keep in mind: content is king. The importance of having strong content on your website can’t be underestimated, and luckily we have the writers and the know-how to make sure you’re covered.

Messaging, or content strategy, is all about creating a narrative that’s right for your business. Every company has a story. Many times, companies use jargon that most people don’t understand. Our job is to avoid the nonsense and give your brand an authentic voice. If your content doesn’t have the right tone or sounds too generic, it will damage your brand. Any business that chooses to skip content strategy is most likely going to crash and burn. Or, sticking with the car metaphor, get a flat tire (Sorry, we had to).

You should be able to explain what your products and services are with as few words as possible, and we can help you do that. We’ll make it clear, concise, and fun. Remember that your customers are human, and no human wants to read through a bland, 5-page description of what you do, even if you develop 3D-printed pizzas.